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Frugality Nation (FN) is on a mission to rebuild financial strength in the American household. With the present state of the Nation’s economy, it has become critical to find real solutions to our current economic crisis. The health of the nation’s financial system depends on the ability of its people to effectively manage their own finances.
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Teaching our youth about money
Who Will Teach Our Youth to Manage Money? FrugalityTeenz™ was designed to give kids the tools and skills needed to understand and manage their finances now and in the future.
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Our Challenge
A host of sources reveal that many Americans lack a basic understanding of rudimentary financial concepts, principles and practices.
— U.S. Dept. of Treasury (2009)
— NFCC Survey (2010)
— Employee Benefit Research Institute (2011)
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The Solution
To empower American Families to take control of their financial affairs by enhancing their level of financial literacy, and hence financial strength, at the national, local, and household levels. It is this empowerment, through educational programs and support that will get Americans spending again; spending smart to improve our economy.
We offer access to knowledge, education, and money-saving tools families need to improve their finances through our partnership with The Financial Strength Builder program. These easy to follow step-by-step programs and edutainment tools such as the Frugality game help American Families live a better life by acquiring knowledge and developing habits that will lead to greater financial strength.
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As a volunteer you play an integral part in bringing financial empowerment to individuals and families in our community. There are many options for being involved in Frugality Nation. Serving on a volunteer committee is a great way to share your talents, build your skills and develop your network all while making a positive change in your community.
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At the Frugality Nation Foundation you can help build financial strength for America to be a better place – one family at a time. It is vital to enable parents, teachers and communities to empower children with the financial knowledge they need qahey have all the tools necessary to succeed.
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The Frugality Game™
Bored with all those spreadsheets and budget tools? The Frugality Game™ money saving system is a fun way to record and manage your finances. Learn and save while you "travel" through each level of your financial awareness. Meanwhile, the Chalkboard Kidz™ will help you teach your kids about money.
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The Frugality Game™ is a product that is important for adults AND kids. We call it a game because it puts fun back into the budgeting, saving, and the financial tracking process.
Meet the frugals
Meet the frugals
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